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  • Help with Rotary Milling

    Hi Guy's I need some help with this one, Its way out of my league.
    We will be using a right hand rotary table, on a vertical mill, I was thinking using rotary for the helix, and rotary surface for the ID chamfer.

    Any help, would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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    Here's a way to get started with the rotary. Didn't know what version you're running so I saved it a couple different ways.

    <Edit> I don't think you can machine this using a 4ax mill with the tool pointing at the rotary axis. If you look at the result of the machining I posted, it gouges the part in some places and doesn't cut enough in others. You need the 5ax toolkit to drive the tool properly, either off-center or with a true 5 axis machine.
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      Hi George,

      I greatly appreciate you helping me with this one, we do have a 5axis machine, and I will have to look and see if we have the 5axis tool kit.

      If you have spare time, and want to show me the 5 axis tool path, that would be awesome.

      Again, much thanks for your help, this forum is a life saver, for us not so experienced users.

      Very best regards



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        Here's a version using the 5ax toolkit as well. There is still some gouging and you might really need a 5ax machine to make this part and not just use the 4th axis with Y being driven off center. This should at least get you started.
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          Awesome, thanks George, I believe this will work perfectly.

          Again, thanks for taking the time to work this out, very thankful, you have been a great help.