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Wire EDM of Stainless

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  • Wire EDM of Stainless

    Any wire EDM guys out there have good technology settings for wire cutting stainless?
    Mitsubishi FA20

    316, ca6nm, or??

    I'm using steel (D2) settings and its working but I think it could go faster ( or maybe not )

    1.5" thk matl currently cutting about .05"/min ( rough cutting onsize - low tolerance part )

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    Our wire guy here said that the factory technology settings in the machine are pretty conservative.
    Given your parameters, he was guessing you should be able to get to .080/min with out any issues.

    If you wanted to mess with the settings, first try decreasing the 'off time' by increments of 5. You could also increase your IP time by increments of 5. Just keep an eye on the amperage and voltage readouts. Amperage is ultimately what makes it go faster, but watch the voltage readout. When it starts jumping around, your wire is on the verge of breaking.
    Brass wire is the standard, but you will be able to push zinc coated wire a little harder.

    Most of the machines run .010 wire (one with .012 used for roughing only). The .010 wire checks .0073 after it's run through. Might be worth checking out yours because if it's bigger than that, there is room to work with.